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Stoves & More provide a wide range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves manufactured by the likes of Hwam, Wiking, The Penman Collection and Charnwood.

More details on each of the manufacturers and their products can be found below.


Hwam is a Danish family owned and run business who offer a range of beautifully designed wood burning stoves, coupled with exceptional functionality.

Danish furniture designers and architects have designed their stoves, as they believe that a stove’s design is just as important as the look of your sofa or dining room table. In addition, their engineers have developed technology within the stove that ensures effortless lighting, with maximum efficiency during the burning of the logs.

The Hwam stove comes with the Autopilot system built in as standard. The Autopilot is basically a heat sensitive spring that ensures the correct levels of airflow are supplied during the different phases of combustion.

The company has gone on to develop further technology called the SmartControl System, which can be installed to the majority of the Hwam range. This amazing technology has an app that can be downloaded to a smart phone or tablet, allowing the user to set the desired temperature for the room. The app will also alert the user when it’s time to add more logs.

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Wiking stoves are a brand within the Hwam A/S company and are made in the same factory as the Hwam stoves in Denmark.

The stoves are manufactured to the same high standards and quality as the Hwam stoves and also come with the built-in automatic system giving ease of use and maximum efficiency.

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Chesney's Stoves

Chesney’s are extremely well known for their fantastic hand carved fire surrounds which they have been producing for the last quarter of a century.  They have now taken this design knowledge and expertise and developed a fantastic range of wood, multi-fuel and gas stoves.

There stoves offer a mix of both contemporary and traditional with the option to have their stoves in various different colours.

The company have also recently introduced their new HEAT collection.  These are a combination of outdoor wood burning heater and BBQ.  A fantastic piece of equipment!

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Dean Forge

Dean Forge are a family run business based in Buckfastleigh in Devon. There stoves are made at their factory and the iron doors are cast in a British foundry.

The stove ranges within the Dean Forge collection offer a mix of both contemporary and traditional. There is also the option of various different colours adding to the individuality of each stove.

In addition to stoves, the company also hand makes a variety of wrought iron fireside accessories.

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The Penman Collection

The Penman Collection is one of the ranges provided by Percy Doughty, a company who has branches throughout the UK.

Within the collection they provide a range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves at great value prices. They also offer a superb range of mantels, hearths, chambers and fireside accessories.

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Hunter Stoves

Hunter Stoves Group is a British company based near Exeter in the South West of England.

The company has developed a wide range of stove brands within their portfolio, which includes the Parkray, Di Lusso and Cleanburn ranges.

The stoves in all three ranges come with the option of either being purely wood burning or as multi-fuel.  They also provide a range of traditional and contemporary gas stoves.  Click on the links above to see the stoves available in each of these ranges.

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Charnwood is an extremely well known and well respected family run business based on the Isle of Wight.

Their stoves offer a real balance of contemporary versus traditional and are available in a variety of colours.

As a company they pride themselves on buying local wherever possible.

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Vision Trimline

Vision Trimline is a range of contemporary gas fires built and designed in The Netherlands for Percy Doughty.

The fires offer a fantastically realistic flame pattern and will have you mesmerised from the first time you see them.

The range consists of various styles and sizes of balanced flue fires, offering the opportunity to build a bespoke fire place within your home.

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Vision e-Line

Vision e-Line is the newly launched electric fire range from Percy Doughty.

These fires offer a fantastic alternative to solid fuel and gas, with a truly realistic flame pattern.

They are available for wall mounting or can stand on the floor and provide a variety of different options in terms of look and design.

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